Financial Services

Creative Budgeting Solutions

Our powerful financial arm provides on-demand IT resources within a company’s workflow, providing instant availability and eliminating procurement and vendor management bottlenecks.

How does this work?

Customers can either opt for equipment financing or consumption based billing.

With equipment financing, we can arrange monthly payments for the purchase of hardware, software or services.

With consumption based financing, the customer specifies the resource for which they would like on-demand resource availability (e.g., compute power, storage, networking capacity). Native12 then makes the resource available through the customers ITSM platform (e.g., Cherwell, ServiceNow) and implements proprietary applications that meter your consumption, providing billing based on consumption.

How often am I billed?

Most customers opt for monthly billing cycles, but this is flexible based on customer needs.

How do I avoid virtual sprawl and excessive cost with on demand resources?

Our proprietary application enables customers to tag consumption for budgeting and tracking purposes.

What will my finance department think of this seemingly non-traditional arrangement?

Most corporate finance departments love this service because it helps them manage cash flow and budget requirements.