About Native12

A message from our Founder

Native12 was built from the ground up with 12-factor application methodology in mind focused on providing technology that supports the adoption of cloud-native or cloud adjacent technologies.

Enterprises are embarking on a journey to transition from a centralized IT operation model to a decentralized model, following the guidelines of the DevOPS & Agile movements. How organizations implement these methodologies differ based on the culture & requirements of those particular organizations. Each organization will execute these methodologies differently and will select the pieces that make sense to them and work for them. Traditional enterprise organizations differ drastically from born in the cloud companies regarding their needs and requirements, driving this selective adoption of those methodologies instead of full blown adoption.

A reoccurring trend with some of the newer, innovative software vendors is to focus more on the cloud-native world when creating their solutions. These solutions, that solve true business problems for enterprises, are hard to adopt into an enterprise that’s not fully cloud-native. The Enterprise world will be in the hybrid model for a while because the needs are different than those born in the cloud, and that’s ok. The issue now becomes adopting these newer technologies into an Enterprise while still operating and maintaining traditional IT stacks and applications.

It doesn’t always make sense to refactor an application into a cloud-native application, either due to cost or the fact that the application runs just fine using non-cloud native architecture. That creates an environment in which these enterprises need to maintain a standard IT OPS and new DevOPS support structures. This causes problems for most enterprises and leads to application functions falling through the cracks since it’s unclear which team is responsible for which pieces, or there’s a disconnect between the teams.

We built Native12 to help with all these issues, both for cloud-native and enterprise organizations, to stitch together these technologies and craft solutions that work, with our main driver to fulfill the organizations needs cost-effectively, efficiently and quickly, and not to just place technology that can’t be operationalized or that isn’t going to help propel the digital journeys our customers are undertaking.

Sami Abunasser,
Founder, President & Chief of Engineering